Happy New Year!

As we all begin our New Year of 2019 with kids going back to school, sports schedules back in full swing, new goals at the office and the balance of work/home/kids/life in general. Remeber to take care of yourself! Put yourself FIRST sometimes. Do what makes YOU happy! I have learned that ensuring your own happiness is critical to ensuring the happiness of those that mean the most to you!

Schedule in at least 2 times a week that are just for you! Whether its a work out, coffee with a friend, a massage or facial, just taking a nap…whatever it is (even if its only 20 minutes), plan it and do it! You will feel better, function better, treat others better and be able to take care of and provide for those you care about better!

Another thing you can do is to do something, no matter how small, that you have been putting off. Something like starting that savings account for vacation or the kids college fund…just open the account and commit to a small amount. Even if you give up coffee once or twice a week and deposit that money there instead. Just take action! Maybe you have been meaning to paint a room, go get the paint and tape and make it happen! Start small, feel the accomplishment and be proud of yourself!

Slow and steady wins the race here! Be happy with your accomplishments, no matter how small or big. FEEL the excitment and JOY! Then spread that energy around because it is contagious and those around you will catch on!

Be well, be blessed!!


Smiles and Keys, I aim to Please!

Naomi Race

Posted on January 3, 2019 at 3:09 pm
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